I’m helping brands to “get there”.

Ask me to visualise your vision and get your company’s (or brand) “bigger picture”. Let’s get your story in order or design your website, app or logo together. I make sure that all designs match the objective. 20 years of experience in design, customer contact and office culture provide knowledge on how design can be applied successfully, both online and offline…


“If you don’t know where you’re going, every road will get you nowhere…
Where would you like to go?


Social media and launch campaign for
Healthtech startup ‘Gezond met Salut‘

I’m currently helping this young Dutch #healthtech startup with their Marketing efforts and among other things we created a series of animations, connected to suitable landingpages, to be used on their social-platforms. With 100+ animations done this small concept is still not finished…

#artdirection #marketing #animation #socialmedia

Backbase Connect 2017, 2018

Three day event at the Beurs van Berlage. Together with a great team I designed the look&feel of this event. +800 professionals were together in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. Venue, Tag, Stage, Speakercards, Brochures, Slideshow optimization, Stickers, Screen animations and a lot more…
A fantastic project.

#artdirection #marketing #events

New identity for The Marketing Activation Program

Ready to level up your marketing strategy? Many companies struggle with taking the brand and marketing to the next level. Seeing the same challenge over and over at various companies, no matter the size, made us realise the potential of creating a program to support these companies. This is why we built “The MAP”.

#corporateidentity #logo #marketing #branding

Extensive Art Direction for Backbase

Customer experience platform software company Backbase and me go way back. My first independent project in 2008 was with them and ever since we keep close contact. In 2017, based on the design we did for their “Omni-Channel report”, they asked me to support them with the visual-upgrade of their Brand. We decided to “refocus and create a full overview” to gain control again and build the brand from there resulting in a solid brand guide for on and offline communication.

#branding #artdirection #corporateidentity #marketing
Brandguide for digital and traditional media, with clear guidelines. So all teams can work with and for the same brand.
Create leadership content
Successfully earning analyst recognition from Gartner, Ovum and Forrester
Backbase online
Countless iterations, tests and improvements on screen designs with components that also could be used for sales presentations
Employee Branding
Part of the brand strategy was to have a warm welcome for new employees. We made an Employee Welcome Kit, of course with re-usable water bottle and a black hoodie…

Visualise the vision

Your presentation not only needs to look good but also tell the story right. I have been helping out several clients with thier pitch presentations, investor decks or other important presentations. It’s a matter of finding the right tone of voice and visual materials to support the goal of the presentation.

#visualize the vision #keynote #powerpoint #googleslides

Would you like to (re)organise your brand and achieve your goals?

Identity for Law Firm
Kemperink Maarschalkerweerd Wouters

This “Start-up-but-experienced” Law Firm asked me to help them out with their identity and website. Give us a suitable style, not to experimental but certainly not boring! Started with dark-blue and silver grey we added a khaki yellow to give it a bright accent…
This firm is making progress.

Website for
Kemperink Maarschalkerweerd Wouters

Like every startup you need a website fast. But the result needs to look solid and we have to be able to add news ourselves. I made this wordpress website and helped with structure and content. Fast and solid.



“Look good”

A new identity is nothing without good pictures of the members. For KMW I asked Hadewych again for suitable portraits. Having a professional portrait picture is an  extremely useful asset for your brand.

Identity for Law Firm
Hofhuis Alkema Groen

“We are not a copper-plate-firm” was part of the briefing… Enamel sign.


We (Tess Argante from arganteargante and me) did a full housestyle project from logo to printed businesscards, powerpoint templates, advertisements, binders and responsive website with cms.

Website for
Hofhuis Alkema Groen

This law firm specialises in Intellectual Property, Marketing and Media Law. And wanted a website that doesn’t fit the common basic style with long scrolling pages, instead they want it to fit the screen and be stylish. And the design should be able to last for some time…

It has been online for more than 8 years now.



New identity for

Postmastery wanted an update on their brand. And a tagline, and an update on the website… Over the years we have collaborated and updated the brand step by step to a higher level.

Multiple updates
Website Postmastery

A website is never finished. At postmaster they understand this and we keep updating the story, navigation and images regularly within a constant style and master grid.



New website for
“Industrail Tailor” Dick van Hoff

Dutch product designer, know for his stone-stove and outdooroven, asked me to “update him fast”. He started a new company next to his design studio and wanted to make sure the online presence was solid and able to scale. A WordPress website and a webshop in one fast project made sure Dick could focus on designing more great products.



Website styling for
Venture Capital Firm

Projects don’t always follow the same process. Henq Amsterdam asked me to help mainly with the styling of their website, to get the image editing, colours and margins “just right”. This approach proved to work satisfying and successful for them ánd me.



New Identity for
FinTech Startup Propeco

German Property Investment Platform Propeco asked me for a clean, smart, striking identity.  I thought: “In business and architecture good relationships are build on trust and a solid structure. Good structures have a recognizable patern”. The new Propeco logo is showing theirs.

New website for

After finishing their identity Propeco asked me to deliver a one-page website. Online presence, even small, has to look sharp and professional, especially when starting a business…

Brand Update
Le Poole Bekema

Le Poole Bekema needed a brand update. Together with Tess Argante we revived the identity, made new business cards, powerpoint template, some ads and a new website.

New website for
Le Poole Bekema

This website is a nice example project where all design elements [ visual design – technology – editorial/copy – images ] come together. This WordPress website is easy maintainable and build mobile-friendly.


Wordpress: Jeroen Smit
Team-photo and portraits: Hadewych Veys
Corporate Identity: Tess Argante



New identity for
FinTech startup Peermatch

Mortgage Lending App Peermatch is a start-up from Frankfurt. The have a very ambitious plan to change the Mortgage Lending by connecting Investers and Lenders via an online platform.

Peermatch asked me to design a coporate identity and the App. 

FinTech startup Peermatch

I helped set-up a network and office in Amsterdam. Delivered a registered trademark Logo. Provided the necessary presentations to support development and business and at the same time make processes and development visible through visual design (skip wire frames). Goal; get the App into the Appstores a.s.a.p. 

If you have questions like:
I’m not happy enough with my website.
I want to start or refresh my Brand.
I need to activate my Online Marketing.

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